Sunday , October 24 2021

They arrested a police officer from Buenos Aires, who went out to steal with his uniform at La Plata


A police officer in Buenos Aires dressed in his uniform was arrested after chasing La Plata. The agent is accused of stealing a woman, among other crimes being investigated.

The arrest came on Saturday after local police warned the radio that it was chasing black Chevrolet Onyx who was ordered to kidnap him. The vehicle participated in armed robbery on the 183th Street, between 69 and 70 years old.

The persecution lasted about seven minutes and ended on 133, between 56 and 57. Police sources explained that cash was not firing at any moment, but that he did not listen to the strong voice and escaped. In the car two men traveled and for the steering wheel was uniformed policeman, who was later identified as Hector Barragan, a member of the Escobar Command.

After hearing the case, the Buenos Aires Police Department's interior ministry ordered Barragan to be arrested and released from power.

A Buenos Aires agent fell with an accomplice in a stolen car. Photo: The day
A Buenos Aires agent fell with an accomplice in a stolen car. Photo: The day

Last Friday, a 45-year-old woman reported that she was robbed by two Chevrolet men that the policeman was driving. Also, this car would be used to commit other crimes in La Plata, so the authorities have already requested it.

The arrest of this cash is in favor of a member of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), who was arrested on Thursday after being shot and was charged with attacking three other suspected supermarkets in Buenos Aires, Isidro Kazanova.

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