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They arrested 23 members of the Roads of Drug Addiction in Rosario

Special Operations Special Operations (OOs) in recent hours broke into 27 key points for detectives investigating drug sales in Rosario. There, the police arrested 23 members of the trails, put another 21 people at the disposal of Justice and kidnapped 2 thousand doses of cocaine and marijuana.

After the simultaneous raids were completed, Judge Rosario first referee Jose Luis Suarez decided Pre-trial detention for at least 60 days from the arrested for "usurpation, coercion and possession of weapons".

For their part, prosecutors Viviana O'Connell and Jose Luis Catherine said that the roads were part of an "illegal association", but the judge declared him incompetent for this charge, believing that this crime had "Undoubtedly a link to the commercialization of narcotics" and therefore it should be investigated by Federal Justice.

Those involved were: Alexis Damian Kaminos – leader of the prison-, Andres Kaminos, Karen Bruno, Emiliano Sosa, Matthias Rodriguez, Karen Kaminos, Alan Sosa, Maximiliano Veron, Mikaela Foree, Clara Haime, Esteban Gimenez, Mariela Uraco, Fidel Caminos, Antonella Kaminos, Matthias Kaminos, Lucas Benitez, Nelida Caetana Aguirre, Dalma Magali Agirre, Tamara Pamela Maradona, Ramon Dario Alegre, Christian Uraco, Juan Manuel Almada and Kevin Duarte.

The trails faced Funes' blood and fire for the acquisition of territory in Rosario. In that drug war, which lasted for three years, attackers on both sides killed 28 people.

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