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These are foods that you should never eat raw

"Raw food" or raw food has become an option for many people who are more concerned about diet and diet. However, according to nutritionist and associate of Jola !, Martha Lorenzo, you have to be careful because, in some cases, it is a decision that responds to trends and trends or an obsession with loss of nutrients from food when cooking.

"You have to be aware that this new habit can have important consequences such as allergies, discomfort or digestive problems (stomach pain, nausea or vomiting) and can be very dangerous in groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, children or immunosuppressive people, ”says the expert. The reason why "raw food" fashion can pose a risk is that by not putting food into heat or heat treatment, it does not eliminate certain microorganisms that can be very dangerous to health, causing significant poisoning. Therefore, there are some foods that we must take special care of when taking them raw or unfilled.

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