Wednesday , May 12 2021

There will be rapid HIV tests in four neighborhoods of Tsipoletti

Tests are quick and confidential and it is necessary to obtain information and to approach treatment if necessary. Under control, you can have a normal and healthy life as a carrier.

On Monday, it will be an intense fast-testing day for HIV. Three children care centers in the neighborhood will be added to the hospital Pedro Mojojanski.

On December 1, the entire World of AIDS Day is celebrated. Proper use of the condom is the only way to prevent the virus, and the test is the only way to know the state of health in order to lead a normal life under treatment.

In Tsipoletti, the days of prevention will be providing information and conducting rapid tests in four strategic points of the city.

They will start at 9 and will be 13 years old at the Pedro Moyilanski Hospital and 83, 1,200 homes and settlements at Ana Mapu in the Puente Health Centers.

Analyzes are quick and confidential, and no sign signed by a doctor is required.


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