Monday , August 2 2021

There are already 14 cases, five of them fatal

The new case was confirmed in the last hours. It is believed that the event began at a party of 15 years.

Chubut's health ministry announced that a child who entered the Epuyén Hospital two days ago and was transferred to Bariloche as a suspected case of a hantavirus, it was confirmed as "positive" according to an analysis by the Malbran Institute, which now numbers 14 people with this illness carrying the mouse "colilargo", with 5 fatal victims.

In the latest official part they are spreading, the Ministry of Health of Chubut explains that "the contingency team continues to work in Epune, deepening the activities of selective respiratory isolation of persons classified as close contacts," after stressing that the child who was referred to the hospital Rio Negro in Bariloche has stabilized.

In Epyen, the population of approximately 4,000 inhabitants, which became the epicenter of the epidemic, is located in the northwest corner of Chubut, Andean region, Approximately 220 blood samples were taken to analyze potential potentials.

Samples for analysis were taken from settlers who were at the party of 15, where the beginning of the beginning began at the beginning, to which was added the so-called. "continental population", that is, those neighbors with whom the potential bearers contacted the issue of rapprochement, especially the family, as well as the population at risk from the municipality and health personnel.


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