Tuesday , May 18 2021

The youngest of the Kardashian clan celebrates his birthday Peace of the Photos!

Kim's son Kardashian and Kanyi West, the Holy and the youngest of Kurtney Kardashian and Scott Diski, Governance celebrated this Saturday their birthday is set with a very fun theme to be real: Tarzan. The decoration was like an exit from the movies of the man of the jungle and all the clothes, including those of the youngest, were amazing.


The most famous sisters on television chose December 1 to celebrate the life of their challenges: The shrines are converted to 3 by 5, while Reagin filled 4 on the 14th day. That's why it was good to gather all members of the clan to celebrate one but incredible birthday party.

Penelope and Reeves Disk

At the moment the images that exist in social networks are kind to mothers of agasados, who wanted to show them through their Instagram stories. But surely in a few hours the pictures will arrive in your post. Kim not only transformed his castle into a tropical jungle, but the children also received their own individual cakes and all the snacks were from the Tarzan theme, undoubtedly.

The grievance given to the birthday party of St Vest and Roger Didic on December 1.

North also came to a party in light green clothes with a lot of attitude, while Reign thinks it looks "super". As soon as she appeared, Kim caught her in the camera saying, "North, it looks good!" Penelope, who decided to look at the animal prints, received praise from his father, who told him, you look beautiful. The businessman and mother of the three managed to comment in their stories that all the children chose their own costumes.

Kim Kardashian turned his house into a rainforest.

Birthday circle of rule!

Party favors!

Kim Kardashian changed his house into a rainforest!

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