Sunday , April 18 2021

The workshops get Atlético for the Super League Cup

Workshops defeat 2 to 1 against Atletico Tucumán at the stadium of Alberto Alberto Kempespor, the first part of the second round Cup of Super Leaguea. Sebastian Palacio in 15 minutes from PT and Moreno at 9 of the ST scored for the local.

At the end of the first half, Toledo partially equalized the stocks.

The match is played by Nicolas Lamolina and broadcast by television TNT Sport. The rehearsal will be played in Tucumán on Saturday, May 4, and the winning team will be crossed into the quarter-finals with River or Aldosivi from Mar del Plata.

The match

The first 20 minutes from Talleres-Aletico were high. The workshops put their chests and balls on the floor to gain weight on the pitch before the Athletic who did not fear in Cordoba. In fact, those of Ricardo Zilinski made Guido Herrera work with a shot from Javier Toledo in the first straight game.

A few minutes later, in this one-way journey that was proposed, Talleres developed one shoulder to shoulder attack that led to Dairo Moreno. Collegiate from the brand and without a corner for a direct hit, the Colombian sang and passed.
The same Dairo acted in controversy with a crime that Lamolina did not charge. It does not look criminal.

Cheerful workshops, he continued to go. And in that case, the one who stayed a few yards back and made some progress in the team was Mauro Ortiz. Lying on the right, he helped Palacios, who broke the lines and hips of Lucieet with a dribble of 1 d.

2-0 did not come with a miracle. Or it did not arrive, because Dairo could not perform cirrus burns to return after the hit of Enzo Diaz. He could not turn around in time. Was it impossible?

Also, it seems impossible for Palacios to link the half-height and the quick passage from Tomas Pohotino. It also seemed that it was impossible for Lamolina to pay a penalty to Palacios, who (again) rebuked him in the area and fell.

This start of the match was overshadowed by the expected change in the pace. Atletico never came back. The workshops in that period were never owned by the ball. Which Workshops had Workshops was to accelerate after two or three consecutive passes.

What also had workshops was the rest of the resistance to closing PT with zero. He was taken to the right of his defense and injured him: he was left alone in the Toledo area, at that time defining that it appears to have only 5 football matches between veterans. It was 1-1 at 40.

And everyone knows what violates the goals of the visitors of this tournament … And everyone knows what hurts the goals that are not made. Ortiz, without clarity on the passport to Palacios, missed the goals after a great pass-goal of 50 meters from Andres Kubas. It is true that Luketi struck the ball, but Ortiz had time for another decision.

At the beginning of the second half, Talleres put a dizziness for an attack. And the first to continue to progress was Palacios, wanting more. Without a dribbling libel of 1-0, put the lap that Lucitie is pulling with effort.

In 10, Dairo took out the drama he experienced in the first half, with two goals "wrong" and the controversy of the criminal. He pushed the center that was devilish after returning and put it on 2-1.


Workshops: Guido Herrera; Nahuel Tengalia, Juan Cruz Comar, Miguel Araujo and Enzo Diaz; Tomas Pohotino, Andres Kubas and Juan Ramirez; Sebastian Palazio, Dairo Moreno and Mauro Ortiz. DT: Juan Pablo Duke.

Atletico Tucumán: Cristian Lucchetti; Jose San Roman, Bruno Bianchi, Jonathan Cabral and Matthias Abero; David Barbona, Christian Mersier, Rodrigo Aliendro and Gervassio Nunez; Javier Toledo and Leandro Diaz. DT: Ricardo Zilinski.

Judge: Nicolas Lamolina. Stadium: Mario Alberto Kempes. Hour from the beginning: 21.10. TVTNT Sport.

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