Friday , May 7 2021

The valve will give more profits to Steam developers

The digital distribution market is increasingly competitive, so companies need to adapt to the current dynamics and make some changes more appealing to users and developers.

That's why Valve confirmed a series of modifications to their Steam distribution distribution arrangements. By publishing forums on its platform, the developer said he is trying to find a new balance between multiple participants on his distribution network and thus remains one of the most attractive options on the market.

The valve has created new levels of revenue sharing for games that generate more than $ 10 million for Steam. In these cases, profits will be shared between developers and valves at 75 and 25%, respectively.

Games that generate more than 50 MDD will have a distribution level of 80 and 20%. Total revenues include the sale of base games, extensions, DLCs and other items. Thus, developers will get higher profits and are likely more interested in watching their Steam games.

On the other hand, the company also made some modifications to the confidentiality agreement for sales data. This means that Valve partners can share sales data on their games at a time when they think they are appropriate.

In addition, several members of Valve are already working on new tools and functions for developers in the areas of promotion and marketing. With future changes, Steam is expected to have more penetration in other markets, more payment methods and optimized server bandwidth infrastructure.

The valve continuously improves the safety of its platform thanks to the vulnerability detection program. A few weeks ago, he paid $ 20,000 to a hacker who found a bug in Steam.

Everything shows that it's a matter of time for a gaming platform to have a significant change in its looks, at least as indicated by some filtered images. Find all information about Steam on this page.

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