Friday , April 16 2021

The value of the dollar rose by 9.1% and touched $ 47 a week for financial instability – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

The retail dollar closed with an average of $ 46,904 and advanced 9.13% during the week, while in the wholesale segment, the currency ended at $ 45.97 a week, climbing a weekly 9.71%.

On the monetary side, the Central Bank of the Argentinean Republic (BCRA) confirmed this increase in the Leliq rate of 83 basis points, with an average of 71.868% for allocated total of 196.586 million dollars.

From this operation, a liquidity expansion of 59,000 million dollars was generated.

Gustavo Quintana, an analyst at PR Corredores de Cambio, commented that in the demand for intense coverage and without an aggressive official intervention yesterday, "the North American currency exceeded all previous ratings and achieved a new historic record."

"The week has just ended, the exchange rate has largely accumulated an increase of four pesos of seven cents compared to the end of last Wednesday, the highest weekly increase since September 2018," Quintana added.

The PR Corredores de Cambio analyst, the end of the month of closure and the force-effect measures agreed next Tuesday "could influence the forecasting of operations in a market that is a drawback to the real offer."

In the meantime, Martin Wautier, Eco Go Economics Director, explained that "financial instability flows into the monetary program: on Sunday BCRA confirmed an increase of 475 basis points in the Leliqs rate and a monetary expansion of about $ 150,000 million Margins by the average in April, but leaving a major impact for May. "

Wautier explained that chronic inflation hinders correction of the external sector and increases financial instability, demanding periodic adjustments to the nominal exchange rate or interest rate to continue to adjust demand for dollars for supply.

"Although the nominal exchange rate ranges from 5 April to 4 April, the real exchange rate is estimated at 0.2 percent," he concludes.

In the money market between banks, known as money for calling, it was worked at close to 68%.

"In foreign exchange exchanges, $ 122 million was agreed to take over and / or set up funds in pesos, through the use of purchases in dollars for the next Monday and Tuesday," the ABC Mercado de Cambios daily confirmed.

In the futures market Rosario (Roffies), it traded with $ 2,622 million, which is 62% more than yesterday.

Most businesses continue in shorts because of a turn over at the end of the month. More than 80% of the total work was done between April and May, and you spent between them.

The final prices for these months, April and May, were 46.1840 and 48.30 dollars (with a final rate of 42.48% and 52.86%, respectively), all positive conditions, with an increase above 1.5% of the average

The volume traded in the cash segment amounted to $ 780,701 million, while transactions were not recorded on the IEA futures market.

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