Sunday , April 11 2021

The value of the dollar is rising sharply and reaching $ 47 despite the new rate increases

The ticket accompanies the route of the Sole and Free Stock Market (MULC), where the currency rose 9.7% on Sunday to $ 45.97, the highest increase since September 2018.

This Friday, however, jumped by 2.4% in a wheel, where it could have affected the closing at the end of the month and the force measures agreed next Tuesday.

It was a wheel with demand for intense coverage and no aggressive official intervention yesterday, in which the currency exceeded all previous marks and scored a new historic record.

"The growth is due to the increased expansion of the sand that left the Leliqs tenders as a balance," said economist Gustavo Ber, adding that "investors acknowledge that even breathing can be ephemeral, as volatility will continue to apply." High political insecurity. "


The central bank was placed in the second auction of Liquidez Letters ("Leliq") for 46.139 million dollars with an average price of 72.646%, compared to 71.629% of the previous tender.

This placement achieved a maximum yield of 73.25% and a minimum of 71% within ten days.

On The reference rate for "Lelik" on the day was 71.868% (the previous closure was 71.039%), with a total absorption of $ 196,586 million.

Other markets

In the informal square, for its part, the Blue Opera is stable at $ 46, according to a study by the media in caves in the city of Buenos Aires.

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