Saturday , April 17 2021

The value of the dollar fell by 55 cents and closed 2018 with 38.85 dollars: 105% of the year fell – economy

On the last day of the year, the dollar traded for the second day in a row and quoted $ 38.85, but during 2018, the US dollar appreciated 105.3%, so the devaluation of the pesos was the highest of the convertible output, and the second in the world , has just overtaken Venezuela.
In relation to the previous day, the dollar had a 55 cents drop, after several days with a strong upward trend that threatened to close the year closer to $ 40.

On this last day with full markets, the average dollar posted by the Central Bank quoted 36.91 and 38.85 US dollars when on December 29, 2017 its price was $ 18.42 and $ 18.92 for both councils.
In this way, the national currency depreciated more than 105% during the third year of the management of Maurizio Macri, a brand that will be among the highest in national history.

The highest value of the currency during the year was registered in mid-September, when the average reported by the BCRA was $ 40.50, but some banks agreed about $ 44.
In 2016, the first year of macchina management, the dollar's growth was almost 21%, and in 2017 the growth was around 18%.
During this last day, the dollar in the wholesale segment dropped 60 cents compared to the previous day, remaining at $ 37.70.

In December, the wholesale dollar fell by two cents compared to the end of November and accumulated an increase of $ 18,951 annually compared to the end of December 2017.
The interest rate on liquid letters (Leliq) fell this Friday 14 basis points compared to the previous day, when it was on average 59.25% at the auction finalized by the Central Bank in which it was allocated an amount of 216.931 million dollars.

The highest rate was 59.85% and the minimum rate of 58.50%, the Central said.
The amount traded in the cash segment was the highest since the end of June this year, with US $ 1,111.3 million and $ 153 million in the future.

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