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The tortured death of Pelozo Ituri in the prison: a case where 15 prisoners can end up in prison

Three days before he died, Argentine Pelos Ituri He was transferred from Ezeiza prison to Neuken unit 9. He traveled wounded, tied with foxes and in a truck, without interruption, without ventilation or food, and in irregularly: Sergio Delgado, the judge in charge of his case, who had to approve the change of place, I never found out.

Man, 38 years old and with heavy file for which he imposed a 24 and a half year sentence, he knew the place where he had taken him almost secretly. He was already in 1996. In these irregular conditions, on 5 April 2008, Pelozo Ituri returned to overtake the bars of the federal Neuken prison. Three days later, he got out of prison. But in the ambulance. His body was massacred. His heart did not resist. He died in a nearby hospital.

The original autopsy decided "sudden death". But the case was never closed to justice or to the Federal Public Prosecutor. Therefore, a decade later, 15 penitentiary institutions (including doctors, prison authorities and regional head of the Federal Penal and Correctional Service) are sitting on the bench of defendants of the Neuken courts.

The case of Pelozo Ituri has a black background: the doubt, confirmed by experts in the trial, of a beating worthy of the Inquisition's time and a dark chain of omissions, breakdowns of the autopsy, tightening, and even the mysterious death before the trial of the main witness, the only prisoner who saw how his pavilion's husband was beaten to death.

The verdict is expected before the end of the year, two months after the start of the hearings. The judges Marcelo Grosso, Orlando Cossia and Alejandro Vidal they must untie the knot of a story which, in defense of the defendant, is accidental death product of a psychotic outbreak.

The guard Carlos Vergara, requisitioning agents Orlando John, Pablo Muniz, Javier Pelisa, Pablo Sepulveda, Daniel Romero, Jose Rethamall and Jose Quinat are charged with the crime of "torture followed by death"Who is punished with imprisonment eternal.

Doctors Juan Carlos Ederia and Mario Leyría, to the nurse Miguel Carrilao, are charged with failing to give up (envisaging a sentence of up to 5 years), and falsifying a medical certificate of death.

The chief of internal security of the criminal Daniel Huenul, the director of U9 de Neuquén Jose Sosa and the Deputy Director Hector Ledesma they are also tried with an omission and ideological forging a public document (a sentence of 3 to 10 years in prison).

Gabriel Grobly, the head of the Southern Region of the SPF, who had to perform the formalities after death (to shoot, shut down the medical service, to make the sketch of the event), accused of implying "omission and concealment".

In that April, Peloso Ituri was received by prison officers with a classic "welcome", and prison sentence for torture operated by the authorities consists of blows, kicks and "water pump", infinitely intestine ice water on the body naked to the prisoner at the time of the trip.

The prisoner was marked: among his crimes for which he had executed the prison sentence, he stood out killing a policeman. The penitentiary institutions have been waiting for 12 years. For this murder, and for accusing him, without evidence, that they had participated in a rebellion in 1996, held there in a prison in Neuken, in their territory. They did not forget it.

Pelozo Ituri went to jail Neuken and after receiving a "welcome" was locked in "mail box", the name that the isolated cells receive in the jargon. He was wounded, not only because of the beatings he received, but because the prisoner already carried the pain of the beatings that Ezeiza's punishers gave him farewell.

Three days later, on April 8, Peloso Ituri was taken from the "inbox", which was a formal cell 1 of the pavilion 10 isolation. Prisoners in the neighboring cells heard sounds: beatings against the body, shields on the penitentiary to the floor and walls, bats, people who dragged the body to another, shouted the voice of the prisoner who begged him: "Do not hit me anymore".

However, the defendants claimed to have taken him from there because of a psychotic outbreak, "to help him and to save his life" and that the blows added to those he received in Ezeiza were inflicted on the floor and walls alone, even though they were tied up with foxes, and then fell from the stairs and disappeared into the ambulance.

But one of the mailbox inmates said that a couple of minutes before his death they talked in "rest" (one hour a day to wash) and that Pelozo Ituri told him that the Neuken correctional home had warned him in a "welcome" for him. they are going to · "Charging" taking hostages since 1996.

It was 11 am, when Ituri received a visit to the guard Carlos Vergara, along with search agents John, Vergara and Muniz. Everyone defended the trial with the argument about the psychotic phenomenon, but they were contradicted by the testimonies of the detainees and now former prisoners that, despite tightening who have suffered (found in the record of the case), told about scenes that have more to do with torture and retaliation than with ways to help a person.

One of them, who used to be a "cafe" at the correctional facilities, said that among the indictees he heard that when they entered the cell, Ituriri pressured him and told him to clean up his cell, but then the prisoner attacked them.

In the pavilion 11, the detainee saw him afterwards taken to the corridor between "eight or ten prisons". He said he saw him climb the stairs with punches and sticks in his neck. "That day I felt that there was death"He said at the trial several weeks ago.

Two prisoners who were with visitors in the central courtyard of the prison noted from the bars at that point a moment of transmission. One said he heard Pelozzo Ituri "Do not hit me anymore, you will kill me".

The other testified at the trial that he had seen him as a requisition body He hits his head with a stick, until he gets out and took "apparently unconscious" in the infirmary, from where he heard "cordial screams of torture, how to care"The same man saw a nurse coming out, commenting in prison: "This is no longer a fucking".

The technique of torture was dragged into the Neuken by the dictatorship. This was reported by one of the prisoners who testified as witnesses at the trial. One of them entered Neuquen in 1979. "Even in the military regime did not use the hose of a firefighter", an example of climate change that took place in 2008.

In the nursery there were two witnesses who were key to the cause. One of them said that when they entered Pellozzo Ituri, he was expelled, but that while he was leaving, he heard sounds of blows and shouts of pain.

The other witness was Luis Abela, the most important person in the case. And that's it dead, killed cuts after entering the Witness Protection Program, in the case still impunity, tortured by inconsistent facts and mystery, which deserves a different story.

Known as "King of the Flight", Abella testified before justice several days after the death of Pelotso Ituri and a "terrible beating". He said Pelozzo was thrown to the bench in the waiting room in the clinic and He was struck by fists, kicks, shovels, jumping over his head, suffocating him standing on his neck and that when the prisoner went into a heart attack, they called a doctor, intubated him, tried to revive him and took him to a hospital.

"It warns terror among the witnesses who are under the orbit of the Penal Correctional Facility, even 10 years later, "the federal prosecutor said at the hearing Miguel Angel Palazzani.

"It can not be ignored that those who have dared to reject, in many cases, are or are inside those who have had time to condemn them to adhere to them; They pointed to fear of publicationwho requested that he be transferred to do so or do so before the judge for execution or the modality of retained identity and that even they reported having received frightening comments from U9 agents, "the judge said. Richard Gallego in the indictment dictated by the Federal Chamber of General Rock four years ago.

The death of Peloco enjoyed a long time of impunity. And it was based, according to the indictment, on the breakdown of the autopsy. "It's intertwined with irregularities, omissions and wrong data, it was useful to hide", Detail for Infobae sources of criminal prosecution (PPP), which integrates the complaint.

The official autopsy, whose testimony was apparent by four prison officers, including Prison Director Jose Sosa, ordered a sudden death "for unspecified reasons," but the exam was not sent to study the brain or lungs of the victim.

In November 2012, PPN presented a report from the court physician José Ángel Patitó where it was stated that the death of Pelozo Ituri was a consequence of the beatings received by the prison officers. Based on this document, the federal judge of Neuquén Guillermo Labate ordered a new expert opinion to the Judicial Medical Corps of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

The conclusions were concise: there was a detainee's death direct relationship to suffering and the injuries that have been found are bleeding in the brain and pulmonary asphyxia. The two areas of the body that the original autopsy failed to study.

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