Tuesday , August 3 2021

The three best features WhatsApp added in 2018

In the year that begins today WhatsApp It will turn on the feature that users desire less. As the company confirmed, the messaging service will have announcements. Consolation: at least in the first instance, advertisements will be in the part of states, not in the talks.

But not all are bad news. During the year that was already fired, WhatsApp added a few interesting features. Then we look at the three best: some fun and others in the search for more fluid experience.

Long live video!

One of the best aggregates Facebook made to WhatsApp during 2018 is related to videos. Thanks to the update it is possible see the videos they send to us without leaving the messenger.

Before, if a contact sends us a video (or from YouTube or any other source) when we click on the link, we will leave WhatsApp and we had to go back to continue the conversation. Now, it's possible to do it in the best style picture in the picture.

The video appears in a swap window! And you can move it to your whim on the screen. It looks like a good news, an accessory that was worth it.

The privacy of the groups

In 2018, one of the best implementations of WhatsApp helped to "decongest" the groups. What is this about? Simply: answer from private to group.

Thanks to this feature it is possible to continue the conversation in a direct and private way, which had its beginning in a group chat. To do this, you must mark the message you want to answer, tap the three points in the upper right sector, and select "Private reply".

In short, it is direct access to this contact.

Sticky novelty

Although this is not a super-novelty, it's fun. After all, GIFs – "relatives" of this new content – are already very popular on WhatsApp. Without further understanding, we are talking about stickers that the messenger added in the update published in October.

According to developers, these stickers "help to express feelings when words are not enough".

To use labels, you must touch the icon that appears next to that of the GIF and that of the emotion.
To use labels, you must touch the icon that appears next to that of the GIF and that of the emotion.

There are several available packages offered by WhatsApp, although it's also possible to add many other third-party creatives that you can find in the next note.

Cryptocurrencies in 2019?

Facebook got used to the periodic news and we hope that the year that starts is no exception to the popular messaging service.

But one of the most brilliant balls for 2019 will be the inclusion of a crypto-calibration created by the company itself. As we have TN Tecno, it is believed that this digital currency will be used to execute transactions from the messenger.

According to Bloomberg, the currency will be related to the dollar fund. A decision that would guarantee its stability and separate it from the volatility suffered by crypto-vectors in the course of 2018.

Of course: this function is at an early stage of development. Then it will debut in India, a market where WhatsApp has more than 200 million users. Based on this test, Facebook's cryptography and WhatsApp will reach more countries around the world.

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