Sunday , August 1 2021

The tender video of Diego Maradona with his younger grandson

Diego Maradona enjoys his days Holidays in Buenos Aires while on campus Gold, the team of the second division of Mexico that heads, preseason starts under the auspices of his physical trainer.

In the tranquility of his family home in Nortel, the former footballer received a special visit: his youngest grandson, Diego Matthias, fruit of the ratio of Diego Jr. and Nunzia Pennino.

Through its social networks, the Ten He posted a very gentle video where you can watch a game with the little one in his hands, while I sing a song.

"Dieguito plays with my niece, who is very good and never cries. On the contrary, it kills with laughter ", told the technician Dorados in the publication.

Diego Matthias was born on April 1 in Italy and weighed three pounds and a half. His grandfather met him 20 days later and took several photos with him. "I am very happy and fills my heart. I'm going to enjoy what I could not do with my son Diego. Welcome the youngest family member, "he writes after seeing him for the first time.

On a professional level, the situation of Diego Maradona is somewhat delicate. Louis Islands, his field assistant, exposed on the Mexican website Medi-time inside of the technical body with the leadership of Dorado, who could doubt the continuity of the world champion in Mexico 86 at the head of the equipment.

"At no time (the leaders) there was no delicacy to invite me to say:"Professor, we sit down, we listen to each other"In addition, Diego, the day of the final, returned to Argentina, I stayed until Thursday (that week) because he was with my family (in Kuliakan). It should obviously be understood that there is no intention to continue," said Islas .

Diego, on the other hand, enjoys family time. And, as you can see in the video, he does this by wearing Dorado's shirt.

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