Saturday , May 8 2021

The teenager died in Epyen and analyzed the possible case of hantavirus

Equal to the press conference afternoon, and pointed out that there is only one case of a confirmed huntavirus that has already been fired, as well as six other cases that are subject to study, including the case of the 14-year-old teenager who died.

Of the dubious cases, "three were hospitalized in intensive care, one in the general ward and one ambulance."


From the provincial sanitary portfolio it is recommended that tourists or visitors always camp in a sunny place, from weeds and rubbish, where no pits of mice can be found. Do not enter the forest, in places where there is no weeds and where there is no warning sign that says you can travel safely.

Rural residents are urged to take precautionary measures in carrying out rural tasks and it is convenient to moisten the place to be cleaned before and to put some protection in sight, in the nose and in the mouth, not to be Stress the urine or urine, which over time dries and creates dust that can be easily aspirated, what is the mechanism by which the hanta is transmitted. If the place has been closed for a long time, you should first ventilate it and then clean it.

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