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The surprising publication of the sister of Emiliano Salla after the death of his father

April 26, 2019

Romina Sala shares a mysterious phrase after her father's death a few months after the tragic accident that struck her brother, Emiliano.

Romina Sala Tapa

Again the crash is shaking the family Room A few months after the tragic accident that ended the life of Emiliano Salla, this Friday morning died Horacio, father, because of a heart attack in his house.

City of Progress, Santa Fe, again it is news because of the death of Horacio Sala, father of an Argentinean footballer who died in a plane crash on the English Channel when he left for Britain to join Cardiff City. The 58-year-old man died of a heart attack near five in the morning at home.

Cardiff has sent FIFA proof that it shows that Sala's crossing has not happened

"2019 does not surprise us with this news in this city. At 5 o'clock in the morning, I was merged by Mrs. Horace, who was very ill and there we were doctors, but when I got home, he died already," he confirmed. Julio Miller, Mayor of the site.

In turn, an official said the death of a footballer is an event that deeply affects the health of his father. "Emiliano was something that could never be overcome. When the body was found, it was thought that the circle could be closed. But I imagine that for them, with all the news that he learned about the pilot or the club does not want to pay now, it must be very difficult, "he added. Miller.

The old tobacco of Emiliano Salla that touched his sister

After what happened Romina, sister of Emiliano Salla and the daughter of Horacio, He surprised his followers with a mysterious phrase. "We were not, neither are we, nor will we be. Because being there you ought to be, and we do not want to be, neither to be, nor to love," was the phrase published by the woman in stories from your Instagram account.

Romain Hall for her father
Publication of Romina Hall after the death of his father. (Photo: Instagram @ salomina)

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