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The Supreme Court determines the adjustment for pensioners and the Act 2×1 before the end of the year – 11/13/2018


In a tense but respectful climate, the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation decided to publish on this Tuesday a chronogram in which he announces that he will deal with the pension issue in mid-December, and then the case of the 2×1 law for persons convicted of illegal repression, among other hot topics.

During an agreement meeting that lasted over two hours, it was also announced that the first definition would apply if the judges have to pay income tax, amid strong controversy in public opinion. The fourth issue is whether the Santa Cruz slogan that allowed her to win presidential election Alicia Kirchner is constitutional or not.

In addition, the Court he will ask in the next few hours Chief of Staff, Marcos Peña, to guarantee the transfer of funds from the budget to increase salary by 20 percent for employees of the executive, who will receive 40 percent of remuneration during the year. This is a concretization of one of the topics of conversation during lunch last week between the President of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz and President Mauricio Macri, among others.

In the statement, the highest court set a public voting schedule to adopt the fund's definition before December 20, the date when the climate of the end of the year begins in the courts.

Minister Horacio Rosatti also proposed a definition of the calendar with the intention of ending the causes "trodden down" by political or economic pressure, that is, they are delayed from excuses.

On December 18, the application for retirement will be considered,one of the failures that generates more expectations. On Monday, the government approved the correction of pensioners' salaries via the Official Journal. This is the case with White & # 39; and that a vote in favor of a pensioner will force ANSES to close the new pension within six months, and the government agency will arrange payment, the sources told the newspaper.

On December 4, the application of 2×1 will be returned regarding the crimes against humanity. In the case of this vote, the case of former head of military intelligence Rufino Batalla, who has a 13-year sentence, has been chosen and asked for the most lenient law. As last year, the majority of the Court's votes in favor of this principle triggered a massive mobilization against, now there will be an expanded voice and an interpretative law that sanctions the congress as a context.

Another of the Court's hot judgments is the definition of whether judges should pay profits. It will be determined on November 27.

On December 11, they will also rule on the constitutionality of the slogan law in Santa Cruz.

The schedule of the Court's judgments by the end of the year

– November 27 Preventive measure in the payment of income tax by judges established from 2017. Association of Judges and Officials of State Justice and In c. EN – Rada Sądownictwa i Innych s / Process of Knowledge.

– Expé. CAF 63646/2017 December 4 Application of the 2×1 law in the causes of crimes against humanity Batalla, Rufino.

– Expé. FLP 091003389/2012 / TO01 / 93/1 / RH11 December 11 Constitutionality of the slogans of the province of Santa Cruz Radical Civic Union of the province of Santa Cruz and others C / Province of Santa Cruz s / Amparo,

– You show. CSJ 4851/2015 and 43/2016 December 18. Determining the appropriate ratio for the initial level of pensions Blanco, Lucio Orlando c / Anses s / re-adapting various.

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