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The strategy of Julian Serrano to avoid an unpleasant question from Myrtle

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December 2, 2018

The driver asked him about his former girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, and the artist used a curious method to reach him.

After his break with Oriana Sabatini, Julian Serrano ended one of the most popular romances among young couples. The artist and singer split in June 2017 and both got a new company at a speed: as she began to meet Paolo Dybala, he became a boyfriend with Malena Narwei.

The Argentine theater was present in the program of Mirt Legrand this week, and "Chiqui" consulted him with his former partner. However, the media looked for a way out of the way and used an intelligent strategy to avoid the driver's issue.

"You were a guy with Oriana?" She asked diva, and Serrano said. "How old are you?" They followed the questionnaire and he replied: "Three years." Mirtha deepened her questions and continued: "Is she beautiful, is it?" And there was no alternative but to say: "Preciosa".

"But what I do not like is the economy, the policy seems necessary to me, but …" was the exit chosen by the Vastuber, which extended the G20 issue, which was previously discussed. "You saw that he returned to the subject," said La Chique boldly.

"She has a very beautiful girlfriend," said Rosio Marengo, to try to attract the artist from the awkward questionnaire of Mirth. However, the artist continued to speak as if he had not heard: "Because when you increase your taxes …" he began to pretend he was distracted.

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