Tuesday , August 3 2021

The statue of Ronaldo, which became an unusual cause of the virus

Christiano Ronaldo It is the ultimate scam of Portugal. On Juventus footballer Destroyer in Eusebio became the best Portuguese player of all time. This led him to be honored at various places in Iberia. One of these places is your hometown, Funchal, it is in Madeira Island, where for four years he has a statue of more than three meters in honor of the footballer.

This one huge structure, which is similar to Manchester United's past football player, weighs more than 800 pounds. Located near the port of the city is a must see to all the tourists who are there. However, the statue of Christiano Ronaldo it became viral for an unusual reason. Whether it is travelers to take certain photographs with the statue of the player because of a certain attribute.

On gigantic structure There is a marked bulge in the areas of the groves that attract the attention of tourists. This generates that people who visit Funchal take provocative and funny photographs of the statue. However, the strangest of this situation is that because the area is constantly applied by visitors, it now shines more than the rest of the statue and stands out even more.

Although sculpture published in 2014 popularized for this reason, the authorities of the Portuguese city are more than satisfied with the diffusion of this. Whether it is a special statue of the football player, according to the Portuguese newspaper Rcord, attracts more tourists, especially from Lusitania itself.

This is not the first time Christiano Ronaldo There are problems with the statue in his honor. In 2017, it was renamed the name of the International Airport in Madeira and a bust that looked like a football player was opened. This created countless jokes and memes that caused discomfort in the author of the work. In the case of the Funchal sculpture, the similarity is great, but the jokes also came.

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