Saturday , January 16 2021

The singer of Jesse and Joy announced that she would be a mother with her girlfriend

The privacy of Joy Huerta, the singer of Jessie and Joy, was exposed herself because she told the whole world the happy news that she would be a mother, with her girlfriend for more than seven years.

The singer chose social networks to share her fans with an exciting message and video of her son on the ultrasound of the road.

Music is my form of expression with all of you. I shared them with every aspect and aspect of my life through it. The most valuable thing I have in my life and what I am most protecting is my family and my intimacy, and I thank you that you and my colleagues from the music industry (colleagues, media, press) always respect you. I wanted to share this wonderful and important news in my life until the day of that day, but there are also those who, out of curiosity, distort information. Since childhood I've seen sexual preferences outside black and white: two people who love each other with consent for me is love regardless of gender. And although I never thought that love for my life would be a woman, 7 years ago we met and the love surprised us. At first, it was difficult for us to accept that we had reached our destination. But, leaving aside the fear and what they will say, I opened my hands completely to my happiness. Today my wife and I are waiting for our first baby, a nice baby who thanks to God is full of health and life. I dedicate myself to music, and when I stand in front of colleagues of my colleagues, I talk about it: my work, no more, no less. I will be the one who decides when and how much to share my private life and intimacy with the world as I have done to this day. I want everyone and everyone of you and I thank you infinitely for what you had?

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Joy Huerta

In the emotional publication, several colleagues and personalities from the show congratulated her. Your brother, Jesse, wrote: "I love you with all my being"; duo HaHa, "We are the happiest aunts." Diego Boneta He commented: "Congratulations," while Mau Montaner told him: "I love you joy! How lucky! God blessed that baby."

Ricky Montaner, Alejandro Sanz and Pablo Alborne They also congratulated: "I will be my uncle, I love you and I love you, and what is my happiness!", "My girlfriend, what a joy for you both can be very happy, my heart" and "Congratulations , friend! Millions of kisses, like a great gift, I love you "were the messages appropriate.

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