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The secret to recovering the wounded heart, according to your zodiac sign

Each sign of the zodiac has a way to recover from pain.

Aries: from March 21 to April 19

The aries were bold, exciting and adventurous. They haunt the world with all their strength and do the same with others. When your heart pauses, you see the world as something boring and monotonous, but Owen wants to take you by the hand and show you how wonderful and exciting the world around you is. They want to remind you of things you forgot.

Taurus: from April 20 to May 20

Taurus does not try to ease the attitude when he is interested. They are ready to hear everything about you, if you feel comfortable enough to let them go (and, indeed, they have a way to feel comfortable, even without trying). They have a party full of compassion. They will show you how you can grow and become an incredible person in which you are able to become.

Gemini: from May 21 to June 20

His vision does not pretend to be deliberately selfish, they simply know what many overlook; This world is full of opportunities and opportunities, and we allow a lot of him to fly from us, because we are afraid or we are certain that this is not for us. When you pause your heart, one can easily see the worst scenario, believing that you can not believe anything, because your heart can be broken again. Gemini will remind you of everything the world has to offer and how many choices you really have when you open up yourself for them.

Cancer: June 21 to July 22

Cancer is full of love and does everything, because the one I love feels happy and satisfied. Although sometimes they can be seen as suffocating, they are not intended to be possessive, but reflect on how much they love what they want. When your heart is trying to heal, you may feel almost impossible to believe that one can love you so completely and deeply, but your cancer partner does not hesitate to love and love her even when he is injured in life. past They believe in giving every person the opportunity to love and prove herself, and it is a lesson that shows so well in their own will to put their hearts on the line, even when not quite sure that the other person will love the same way.

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Leo: from July 23 to August 22

When you pause your heart, it may be easy to lose confidence in yourself, to question what you could do or what could have happened to make things happen as they happen. However, Leos are full of confidence and do not allow too much to destroy them; they own every room in which they are with confidence and cruelty that could be embarrassed by anyone trying to persuade them differently. Leo's partners have to cheer you up and remind you how incredible you are, even when you do not trust yourself. They love you for all the great qualities you have and will not hesitate to remind you.

Scales: from September 23 to October 22

It is known that the pound priority of harmony over most things in their lives. They believe in balance and work together to make things flow in the best possible way. When your heart is trying to cure, it's easy to feel that the whole world is unbalanced. Or you want to blame the other person altogether or accuse yourself (because it's easier to see that way). However, the Libra will work with you to show you how valuable it really is, and it also shows you how well two can work together if they want. They will do everything they can to help restore the balance in your life, without trying to change or change the person you are.

Scorpio: from October 23 to November 21

It is known that scorpions are mysterious. They remain closed, yet they manage to extinguish an atmosphere that attracts people without having to try. When your heart is trying to heal, you also tend to retreat, and there may be slow suspicions that you will never again feel a real passion or commitment. However, your colleagues Scorpio is not stranger to pain. They tend to bear their traumas and pains with them, too. However, instead of letting you get into it, they will show you so much passion and commitment that your lingering suspicions will disappear. They want you to know that you deserve love and compassion because Scorpio deliberately chooses your friends and, if I truly love you, is for good reason.

Sagittarius: from November 22 to December 21

Archers tend to have an optimistic and optimistic view of them. They do not take themselves or life too seriously. When you try to cure your heart, everything can look empty and dark, without much hope in sight. However, your Sagittarius partner will find a way to make you laugh and cheer up your spirit, even when you're sure it's impossible. They do not deny that life is difficult or painful, but they are also those who find good in it, because in which other way will someone pass through life if they only see the dark side of things? Your Sagittarius partner really wants to be happy, and if you can participate, you will surely do what is necessary.

Capricorn: from December 22 to January 19

The Capricorn tends to have a harsh reputation to be soulless, but in reality, they do something a bit different from the others. When you try to cure the heart, it can be easy to try to get away from pain by simply skipping your head into something that can make you feel better temporarily. Your partner at Capricorn will not give those temporary distractions. They want to be your shoulder to rely, regardless of the difficult things you can work for. Capricorn understands the importance of having a strong and safe place to return, and until you know the solution to all your problems, they definitely want to do everything possible to feel safe to work in anything. the pain you need to cope with.

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Aquarium: from January 20 to February 18

The aquariums may have a reputation that they are separate and independent of the mistake, but that does not mean that they are always. When you try to cure the heart, you can easily remain closed and see the world only through your experiences, but Aquarius is not only interested in opening your heart, but also for your mind. They know how it can be a painful and difficult life, but they know that it is not everything that has to do with life. They want to open up to other ideas and realities. They want to see you farther away and see the rest of the world, as well as the part you play in it.

Pisces: from February 19 to March 20

Fish are known as idealists and dreamers. They can romanticize almost everything in their own mind. When your heart breaks, it can be easy to give up your dreams that you have, about love or something else. However, Pisces is not the one who allows you to forget those dreams that you have held nearby. They want to follow those ideas and keep them as close as possible. They know how to get you out of the darkest parts of your mind.

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