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The royalties are after a 14% discount on the Fitch y S&P calibration

The Argentinean ferry does not have any evitar que los activos locales una jornada negra en los mercados internationales. As you can see from the previous pic and the precision of the bonuses and accents you have to stabilize in the final semana pasada, the lunes abri con unuevo sacudn.

Riesgo earns 14% of its 1,883 points and earns a super mark at the highest levels in the league. Currently, the ADRs of the most prominent Argentine companies on Wall Street are down 14%, at a lower rate than the Supervisor (-15.78%), Galicia (-15.73%), Macro (- 15.26%) y BBVA Francs (14.36%).

Fitch and S&P have released the calibration of "the default is unrealistic"

The production that produced the calibration of the deuda by Fitch y Standard & Poors, queries that indicate "the default is a real posibilidad".

Fitch's calibration of the calibration of the calibration of the curve of Argentina with "B with negative perspectives" of "CCC" means "elevated inclination to the posterior of the augmented primordia at 11 o'clock, with no restriccin severa of the financial constraints. y a deterioro esperado del entorno macroeconmico that aumenta the probabilidad of a default o a reestructuracin de algn tipo ".

However, S&P upgraded the rating of Argentina to the "B-" category with negative prospects, with the "B" qualification to the Corto level.

But devaluacin, worth about $ 5,500 USD at the prize pool of FMI

In a commonsense, the caliphate explicates that "The prospects for negative qualifications B-reflec- tion may be positively correlated with a degree of durable calibration in the context of economic dynamics, mercenary economics, and financial markets." but the structure of the electoral calendar.The potential vulnerability of the credit of Argentina is the result of depreciacin cambiaria, probable acceleration in inflation and profundizacin of recessionary econmic.This factores desafiarn cada vez ms capacidad tanto del gobierno actual com presidential candidacy that encapsulated la oposicin para contener la volatilidad del mercado y restaurar la estabilidad financiera econmica ".

But, unlike any other, it is likely to benefit from the launch of the Buenos Aires FMI concessionaire that is specifically intended to be effective in removing 5,500 million dollars relevant to the revision on 15 September. incumplimiento de la banda cambiaria y de las recientes medidas econmicas that no respetan las metas fiscales establecidas.

Complicated LPO, as it relates to the evolution of macroeconomic variables by June 30, is not the only event that is likely to occur in the mid-term and mid-forties, but Macroeconomic conditions are required by the FMI. le prestando a la Argentina.

Coming off sabbatical, the reliance on the PBI has disintegrated to a level that is in jeopardy, clients that Macri's anuncios tend to have a fiscal impact of $ 50,500 million, preoccupied with the potential of ex-minister Nicolas Dujovne's ministry, that era is one of the most important nexus con fondo y hasta el momento vena guarantee a sostenida baja del gasto.

Opportunity to do so, however, is favorable to the international community, though it is generally not observable in the main plaza burstiles. Like embargo, this sea lounge is a local entertainment venue featuring marquee wedding venues, primaries for the season in Argentina, both the Banco Central Hotel and the resort are just one of my favorite activities. nuevos contratiempos.

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