Saturday , May 15 2021

The Rosario climate: the flags that delayed the start of Newell – Patrono

Match between Newell's and Board of Parana, valid for the 14th Super League's date, suffered a delay in the start due threatening banners that a bold bar of rosary placed hanged at the stands of the Colosseo stadium Marcelo Bielsa.

The judge Andres Merloss He made a decision not to start the activities until "rags" containing hardcore messages were removed from the campus.

"Cigars like you stain history" o "No codes or friendships, they all charge" were some of the messages written on the flags that were seen on the main waters of the stadium.

"It's amazing what happened, I asked players to convince these people, but it's very difficult"Judge Merloss said in a dialogue with TNT Sport.

After the flags were abolished, the meeting began at 21:24, fourteen minutes after the scheduled date.

Newell goes through a very complicated football moment. In the current Superleague he won only three matches and added 12 units, so he ranks 19th among 26 teams.

"La Lepra" is very close to the descending zone and the last date was the coach Omar de Felipe, and before the Patronato de Parana the interim Hector Bidoglio was running.

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