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The restrictions were raised by the hantavirus in Epirus


Epian Mayor Antonio Reito announced today that from next Friday, some of the restrictive measures imposed on that city of 4,000 residents will be lifted, to the northwest of Chubut, where a hantavirus was declared at the beginning of December. 11 dead

"The mood of the population is better, and from this Friday of the first of February we will abolish almost all the restrictive measures that were dictated by resolution, such as banning meetings, (limitation) of schedules and the use of matches in public places," said Reto Telam.

The head of the communal service clarified that "we will keep the minimum care of closed areas about ten days until mid-February, because if we set ourselves up as long as it does not set up with a little more."

Prior to the outbreak of hantavirus and the increased number of cases, a total of 31 in Chubut, the Reata management in early January decided to "suspend all group activities for a period of forty days in a row" due to "a sanitary warning imposed in respect of inter-human infections by the hantavirus. "

In addition, it suspended "all group activities in provincial institutional spaces within the municipal fabric, with the exception of the dependencies of the Ministry of Health", with resolution 007/2019, which will be modified to make these conditions more flexible.

The mayor told Telam that "the problem with hanta is improving and the situation is hopeful, because you notice it on the street, in stores, in a supermarket, especially since there are no more patients in intensive weekend care, many come from selective isolation and very few will remain for the next week ".

"The bomb hit us completely," said Reto, referring to "the impact that was first sanitary, then social, and finally economic, because it affected tourism, an important source of revenue for us and the region as a whole."

The restrictive measures announced by the mayor earlier this month, following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, were accompanied by various public departments, such as the Court of Peace, which depends on the Court Branch of Chubut, which delayed the holding of weddings until further notice.

The Patagon province took precautionary measures that included the selective isolation of nearly 100 people who considered it part of the "epidemiological link" because they were relatives or relatives of those who infected the virus, many of which were already released. (Тэлам)

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