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The rate of China Suez when he talked about his struggle with Pampita: She had

China Suez is in a moment of calm and much joy. His family situation is idyllic, his career is still successful and he will go in search of new horizons for the year 2019. Lace traveled to Uruguay to perform a musical show at the center of Mantias in order to open a reputable jewelry firm and start his career as a singer.

From the neighboring country, actress She talked about her new project, contemplating the struggle of feminism and planning its methods to convey the ideas of the movement of her daughters. "It seems to me that everything is happening, that it's time, and it also made me understand, it made me understand and talk a lot with my male friends and with my family, that one has naturalized many things for a long time and thought that things should be like, "says Telma Fardin's appeal and her social impact.

I think it is transmitted by example. I'm trying to do it with Rufi to learn that there are no toys for women and men. She did not want to know anything with princesses until she was 3 years old and played masks for Spiderman and Hulk. And for me it seemed to me brisk. With that freedom and knowing that nobody has to make you annoy, it does not just have to go to the bathroom at school. Little by little and in detail, learning, thinking.

Then, they asked if he felt that in the fight he had with Pampita, after the motor home scandal, at the beginning of his relationship with Benjamin Vicky, there was no catholicity. "In my case, it was different because it was the violence of a woman against another woman, the damage that lies was installed, I will say it for the rest of my days, but well, time puts everything in its place, I have a calm conscience , I am happy, everyone knows that Benjamin was separated and the damage is that he so lied and that such an exposed person confirmed that those of us inside know that it is not so, "an opinion translator.

Then they asked if the wounds of that painful and tense episode healed. Thank God the wounds he heals. It's time. There are things I did not like and made me very bad. Especially because everyone knew they were separated. And the other version agreed more. She said that they were separated, he lived in another apartment, "he said, and closed it:" I felt unfair. But now we have a beautiful daughter. Collected family. I love their children, I love them very much, I care about them, from my place, what can I do, so they heal.

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