Sunday , August 1 2021

The president of Banco Provincia predicts a repayment of a loan from real estate

President Banco Provincia, Hunan Kuruche, predicted the recovery of the real estate market this year after a strong registered in 2018. "We will recover momentum in real estate loans"said the official when he projected the situation of the bank that runs this year, following the volatility of last year as a result of the financial and stock exchange crisis.

Curutchet said the mortgage operation was "very strong until the devaluation at the end of April," and then "I got into the cooling"from where the market is now" beginning ", but with greater economic stability, the official noted that, however, the amount of mortgage loans delivered in 2018 was" respectable ", as it almost reached 7,000 against a record of 11,000 in comments in the previous year, 2017.

"In 2019 we will recover dynamics in real estate loan. As we know, the sudden devaluation greatly changes the conditions because it moves to the arc: the same property, when it is transferred to the sands, consumes more and the wages are developed at another rate, "said the Crochet for the newspaper La Capital de Mar del Plata .

According to the President of Buenos Aires, the entity in the province of Banka they consider this "this gap will be closer in the course of this year and lines of real estate loans held by banks will be activated, "in contrast to the deep crisis through which the sector passes, due to the devaluation that has hit our country.

Meanwhile, in 2018 and in 2019, due to the economic crisis and rising inflation, the mortgage market is basically disappearing after a fleeting return with the UVA modality that attracts thousands of Argentines. Recent official figures for November are catastrophic, with at least 87% per year in the number of operations financed by mortgage loans. In view of this, there was an opportunity for an additional banking alternative.

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