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The premiere of the third season of "Foreign Affairs" was confirmed – 01/01/2015

The popular supernatural series Foreign works, created by Brothers Matt and Ros Duffer, is spreading through teaser some details of the third season, which will be released on Thursday, July 4, on the Netflix screen.

The video is based on the static accompanying the previous 17 chapters and It is set on the night before Christmas since 1985. And it highlights, on the one hand, that "summer can change everything," while allowing it to decode the message "when blue-yellow meets west".

The plot of this new star rating on the streaming platform will develop several months after what happened in the previous shipment, in Hawke's, Indiana, a place that is again shrouded in the dark dimension of the demigods and other monsters.

Unlike the previous two seasons that were held in autumn, this shipment will pass through the summer and will once again star in Vinona Ryder as Joyce Bears, David Harbor as police chief Jim Hopper, Fin Wolfgard as Mike Wheeler and Miley Bobby Brown as powerful Eleven.

"Summer can change everything", says the poster of the new chapters, showing Eleven and Finn (Michael "Mike" Wheeler) by hand.

Poster of the third season of

Poster of the third season of "The Unknown Things" (Netflix).

Another novelty is that in addition to returning to the role of Erica Sinclair, the young Pria Ferguson, will be added to the plays by Kerry Elves as Mayor Klein, Jake Buse as journalist Bruce and Maja Hawk as Robin, a market employee at Starcourt, a site that will be centered in the new delivery, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Before the video, Netflix started teaser with titles of the eight episodes that will make up the new season of the series and which include provocative names like "Suzie, do you copy me?" and "The Case of the Lost Savior".

Although Netflix does not disclose the number of viewers the series, Nielsen, quoted by Hollywood Reporter, pointed out that the premiere of the second season had 15.8 million followers in three days.

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