Saturday , July 31 2021

The politics are played by Campaco

The current Euroleague champion, Real Madrid, started this 2019 with a great 71:79 win against Maccabi for the day number 16. With this victory, the team technically led by Pablo Lasso summed up the thirteenth in the season. At the moment there are two Argentines in the Merengue Club that have a great sporting moment: Gabriel deck and Facundo Campazzo.

This last becomes fundamentally in Madrid and is considered one of the best players in ACB League of Spain. But this time it was in the eye of the storm after the "political" move against Vitoria Bascania. Some local media and fans have accused the Argentine of "playing dirty" after the injury to the central pillar, Shengelia Torrigo. Quickly those who took the defense of the basketball player were quick.

One of the defenders of the cords was Lasso, his coach: "There is a lot of action actions during the game, Schengen has a bad fortune that strikes Kampaco and has no disturbance. Mixing is fitted if you like. In my years as a player I made many of them and they also did it for me. There is no history. The accident is that Schengel was injured. But there are also people who are injured to ask for a return. "

In social networks there was a blow that they called "bad milk" and in several Spanish newspapers they said that the base of the selected Argentine tends to play "recklessly" and "always exceeds the desired boundaries in the field." But not only Lasso expressed himself, but also that former Argentine players and coaches have shown their support to the Argentinean.

Louis Villar, a former member of the Albiceleste, wrote on Twitter: "You pretend to install the idea that Faku's" bad intention "is first, very bad, and secondly, ignoring the way the game lives and feels the game. Stop fucking!" Lucas Victoriano, a former player and current coach Racing RegattaHe assured: "We do not have to give a lot of balls, we all know that Facundo is a better person than a player and it's a lot to say."

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