Friday , January 22 2021

The passage from Lucas Prattto to the river, wrapped in a retreat: what Brazil claims

The alarm went from Brazil and this is not the first time that happened with the passage of Lucas Pratto. According to Globo Esporte, the river has given up the payment of one of the 1m euros quotas and would resort to justice.

From the river, they pledged to mitigate this version: "We do not know where this information comes from, but surely it will be with very bad intentions," the official sources of the club Toda Pasion said. In particular, in Núñez, they state that there is a delay of eleven days in payment, which is 1 million euros, but indicated the true origin of the debt.

As they clarify, that money It does not belong to the commission, but on the award that the club São Paulo should pay for the title received from the river in Copa Libertadores in Madrid. "We talked to the leaders of San Pablo, it's a lie that's in a bad sense and can end up in a judicial fight. The delay is small, a few days ago and we'll soon meet," they say from D'Onofrio's area, deactivating pump it.

Pratt scored two key goals in the Copa Libertadores final against Boca (AFP).
Pratt scored two key goals in the Copa Libertadores final against Boca (AFP).

The San Pablo leadership must deny or ratify the rumor. So far, they do not bother to do it.

The attacker, a former player of Velez and Boca, among other teams, came to Rijeka in January 2018 for a sum of 11.5 million euros. Became the most expensive operation in the history of the club and faced it as a pledge to conquer Libertadores, a goal that was finally fulfilled.

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