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The participant was entertained by Guido Katzka, but he discovered it and crossed it in the air – 01/30/2019

The situation as unusual as hilarious was experienced this week Another family night (Thirteen, at 9.30), the program that leads Guido Katzka (40) when the participant wanted to be hilarious and the driver discovered it.

It all started when a couple entered the studio to take part in a game with their pet and presented Guido with his characteristic good humor: "They arrive there … Benjamin, teacher, perfect … and what's his name (he asked his girlfriend)? ".

So Benjamin's girlfriend said her name was Delfina and after that, the question of rigor "arrived"And what about the dog?"."Ask him", the participant responded to Kachka.

"What do you call yourself?"El Tresse's presenter questioned the dog and apparently did not receive any response, but Guido insisted again, perhaps expecting a gesture from the animal or the bark, and repeated his question:"What do you call yourself?"

But the dog did not answer with the movement of the tail, so the driver said: "It's a typical moment when the dog has a talent that does not work on television"

Look, too

Already something impatient and absorbed in his task, the driver turned to the owner of the pet and asked him again: "What's your name?" "Ask it", the participant responded again.

He approached the metal and glass constructions where the dog was asked: "What do you call yourself?", but this last did not get scared before the consultation, and the figure of the nights of the" Thirteen "already said to his competitor angrily:"That does not suit!"

"Ask him back", the owner of the dog, born in La Plata, encouraged him, and for the sixth time in a row, the actor tried to decipher the name of the animal."What do you call yourself?"he asked.

As this attempt was unsuccessful, again there was a round walk between the presenter and his participant, who again responded: "Ask him!"Then Guido realized that the dog was really called that.

"Oh, the dog is called Ask, ah, well … Have you ever received a pineapple on a camera? Because I'm angry, "he threatened Kachka with humor.However, no"the man laughed, he laughed.

Look, too

Finally, Benjamin said that he baptized his pet in that way because "it came out that way". "I found him to lie down, took him to my house, he was my grandson and he asked me what his name is … Now the dog lives in the country, but before both of us live together in a mono-ambient and eat cookies with pate. "

Finally, the dog, which its owners call its miniature, "Pregu", for a second, he lost the challenge of reaching the goal and thus continued to go on the road for a" one million-reward "in the classical game of the Guido program.

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