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The MRS-shooting of the Soyuz rocket puts Hollywood directors to shame

In a video that looks like something that will produce a special effects store, the ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst won one of the most remarkable views of the missile launch we've ever seen.

This extraordinary time frame shows the launch of the Soyuz rocket Russian rocket, which flew on November 16, 2018, from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. On the rocket, the Progres MS-10 spacecraft was loaded with 2564 kilograms of cargo, seen on the way to the International Space Station.

The ISS is about 400 kilometers above the Earth's surface, and it moves around 28,000 km / h. Supply procedures have started since the ISS flying over, allowing the cargo craft to continue and catch the attack in about two days, which was November 18, 2018 in this case.

Armed with camera, the European Space Agency's astronaut Alexander Gerst shot the video while in the Dome module in Europe. Playback ranges between eight to 16 times the normal speed, and takes 15 minutes of footage in a minute.

Regarding the noteworthy moments, the Soyuz-FG rocket separation takes place on the 7-second mark, followed by the separation of the shabby phase of 19 seconds. In 34 seconds, the core phase begins to burn in the atmosphere, returning to Earth after exhausting the fuel supply. Seeing they burn on re-entry is actually quite cool. At this stage, the "Progres" spacecraft is separated from the rocket and enters the orbit in search of the ISU.

Gerst's video offers a launch missile for which we are usually not accustomed, but it is another reminder of how spectacular the view is from the ISS. As amazing as this video is, however, it probably falls in comparison to how it is personally.


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