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The most popular photos of 2018 | The human world

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New Year's supporter of 2018: It was a great way to start 2018! The year began with a full moon that happened for the closest and brightest supermoon of the year. The EarthSky community has come through many photos, including those from Neti Coustecar, below. Click here for more photos of the 2018 New Year's Supper.

Nathi Kumtecar in Belmar, New Jersey, swept the supermodel from January 2018 with an elevation. The magnification or setting of the moon or sun can show a ghost when there are air layers at different temperatures near your horizon – for example, across the ocean. Read more about mirages from Atmospheric Optics and click here for more photos of supermodels

The total eclipse of the moon and Mars in late July 2018: Mars was brighter in late July than it was in 2003. Then – on July 27 – that very bright Mars appeared near the moon, as the darkest and darkest eclipse of the moon of the 21st century was passing. See pictures of Mars and eclipse.

Nima Asadzadeh wrote: "Here is a sequence of the entire eclipse of the moon … taken from Nandal, the northern area of ​​Mount Damavand, Iran .This sequence includes 54 frames consisting of showing the partial phases of the totality." The camera did not move through the whole string ". The movement, of course, is from the rotation of the Earth. The object under the closed moon is Mars. See more photos.

Favorite Perseid meteor shower photos: 2018 was an extraordinary year for the casual and true Perseid meteor shower in August. The EarthSky community has been surpassed with beautiful photos! See 2018 Perseid Meteor shower photos.

Nicholas Holscher wrote: "Jerry Lee Lewis Memorial Celebration" Great Pellet Fire "Perseid Meteor Watching to the West to the Big Smoky Mountains overturning the Blue Ridge Parkway Photograph at 4:38 pm on August 13, 2018. The light train was visible more than a minute and formed a high cloud steam and was visible over me more than 20 minutes as it went overhead. "Click here for more photos

NightX launch and landing of SpaceX on October 7: nightly launches are always fun, and the launch of SpaceX since the launch of the Vandenberg Air Base, north of Los Angeles, California, took place on October 7, resulting in much of the great images. Take a look at the photos of the night launch on October 7.

Alan Der sent this photo from Downey, California, on October 7, 2018: "SpaceX Falcon Space Squadron 9. I did not expect to record the event, but it happened that my camera would be useful." More pictures here.

Look! Pictures of Comet 46P / Wirtanen: See here photos and videos of the Christmas Comet from 2018 and the brightest comet 46P / Wirtanen. Thanks to everyone in the EarthSky community who have contributed photos of this wonderful and long lasting heavenly event! See photos of the comet Wirthan.

Comet 46P / Wirtanen on December 15, 2018 – hours before being closest to Earth – via Juan Gonzalez-Alice in Cabo Roocho, Puerto Rico. See photos of the comet Wirthan

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Bottom line: The most popular EarthSky photos since 2018.

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