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The most enlightening predictions of the Chinese horoscope, one by one

It's time to know what Chinese horoscope that with his predictions, he is one of the most consulted by astrologers and who wants to know how the year will be.

Year of a pig

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On 2019 to be the year of the pig. This animal regent will in 2019 impose its water energy that will cooperate with its opposite energy (ground) and will result in a fertile year.

The complex aspects of 2019 will be related to health, in particular chronic stomach-related diseases. Like diabetes, gastritis, stomach infections, stomach cancer, etc. The pig wants to eat, the key to this 2019 is not to overdo it with sugar, fructose syrup (present in many processed foods) or obsessions. In summary: It should be measured.

The positive of the year of the pig is to exploit the expressive character and certain self-esteem of this animal that always wants more, never saturates, always asking for it to feel better from the point of view of enjoying the body. It's a year of dancing, enjoying and playing always taking into account the recommendation to measure a little and not to fall into unnecessary temptations.

2019 Predictions for China rat

The pig is a true ally of the rat, and for that reason, 2019 is a very favorable year for the small rodent. Opportunities will come from contacts from different places, which are highly valued in the professional field. The country is suitable for starting up its own business, covering the debts it can have and reconciliation with someone who is in conflict.

At the social level, there will be more activity that will activate and move. Sentimentally, improvement is expected either by consolidating an existing relationship or by starting a new one. The rat is the most cunning animal of the Chinese horoscope in this 2019 year to use its characteristic sense of humor and its perceptual abilities to have a great year despite some of the difficulties that might arise.

2019 Predictions for the Chinese Tiger

In the year of pig, the tiger will have more anger than usual. However, there is no reason to destroy that anger, just the opposite. Be a year in which your ability to adapt plays a key role. You can reformulate life properly by prioritizing and promoting transformations that will lay the foundations of your life over the next few years.

The tiger knows how to deal with troubles and in this 2019 he counts on all his cats to be cunning to achieve achievements despite the difficulties that will arise. The key is not to lose emotional stability, even if your environment becomes a sanctuary, you must preserve faith and positivism, because within you there is a great power that is always latent and waiting to be awakened.

2019 Predictions for the Chinese Buffalo

And 2019 waits without rest. The pig appreciates and appreciates his ability to work, but sometimes uses it. It is important that this year they are not trying to work or compete more than the account, otherwise their health might be affected. It's a pendal year for the bfalo in which at both ends of the pendulum there is peace and uncontrollability. Your needs will turn from one extreme to another, unless you encounter some kind of affective retention.

The key to 2019 does not have too many expectations, it manages energy and relies on feelings. It's good time for introspection, reviewing errors and apology if necessary.

If you are thinking of moving to an area of ​​greater nature, it will be advantageous for you to do so, your health will improve and new ideas will emerge.

2019 Predictions for Rabbit in the Chinese Astrologer

In this 2019 year, the rabbit will have energy, so that before the least provocation can explode. There will be strong vital energy that will make him act more courageous than other years. Be a good year to dream and change what is wrong in your environment.

The rabbit has a pig for his best friend, so it will be a very positive year. To develop creativity, there will be affective, family and work concessions. It's an ideal time to get out of people who do not do well and get close to people who stimulate it. Be a year of great achievements. It's a great opportunity to discover and convert your life if you want to do this this year.

2019 Predictions for Drag

In 2018, the dragon did not have a very good time, the dog caused many changes, losses, ruptures. Well, in this 2019 year, the pig does not help and unfortunately. You will have to alleviate the mood for difficult situations that you need to face. While the pig will sue you a lot, I do not think you can not give it.

Nor, to be so bad, it's good to use the best of every moment. It's important to stay physically physically active. Also, emotional health is crucial this year, so it's important to share your feelings with friends or people that can contain it. 2019 is the year of unexpected situations, but it has the ability to decide to be a strengthening year to face a more sustainable future.

2019 Predictions for the Snake

The relationship between the snake and the pig is one of the most complex of the Chinese zodiac, so this year 2019 the pig will not be a quiet year for the snake. This does not mean being positive or negative. Just to be turbulent. There will be many movements, changes and adaptations.

He must appeal to his patience and sense of opportunity to act in a fair manner before any situation. The snake is wise and knows how to move to get what it wants, however, to be the year in the changes will not be easy. Make it an ideal year to leave aside the surface and connect more with your interior and spirituality and thus be stronger to adjust to the situations that pigs raise.

2019 Predictions for the Horse

In this 2019, money will be an important aspect to caring for. The pig will be put to the test with unforeseen expenses, it is necessary to be careful and not to invest in something that is not palpable. It's a time of maturity for horses, you have to deal with problems and avoid escaping into a gallop as they are used to. Making the resolutions will make them grow up. They recover seduction and sexual desire. You will have love, flirting and flirting that will make you come alive.

Be a good year to accept a greater protagonist position in the areas where it is moving, whether it's at work, school, city, etc. Stop being passive and start contributing your ideas and thoughts. Friends will be important to feel support and companions when there is some difficulty, closer to the end of the year. 2019 generally be a positive year for the Horse. Remember to take care of the money.

2019 Predictions for the Chinese Goat

The goat has been fined since 2017 (ao del gallo), in 2018 the dog did not help much, but now in 2019 something changes the pigs to save. Be an ideal year to start a new cycle, to recover humor, creativity and restore social relationships.

2019 must be the year in which all past delays deviate in a new, more prosperous phase. You can target projects, feel full and get economic improvements. If new suggestions appear, do not reject them. It's time you should not be afraid and offer and achieve the things that are given to them to have a great year, which will not happen if you do not put your energy and trust in it. It has the capacity to take advantage of the pig, trust and advancement.

2019 Predictions for the Monkey

Being a year of a lot of work in which you have to manage your energy very well, in order not to be exhausted. It is advisable to impose thoughts, if necessary, and to make therapy or a discipline that clarifies the mind. Also, manage your free time and relax to the maximum when you have time.

The monkey always wants to be a protagonist, this year it would be better to run a bit from the center of the stage. Do not try to monotize everything from space to others and this will be useful. By 2019, your plans need to be modest and specific, they will not have too much energy, so they do not spend on banals or drowning.

2019 Projections for a pig

2019 will be your year, so you should be careful to use the most out of it. The forces and energies of the stars condition our life and reality, but they are not decisive for the last word we have always. Therefore, dear Changchos, do not let fly in 2019. Live at any moment with intensity, but without falling into the anxiety and modesty of modernism.

It's a year in which nature is very present when the contact with the country will greatly foster it, so if you have the opportunity to travel or spend time outdoors, do not hesitate to do it. Ideas and vitality flourish in those moments.

There will be several tests to overcome, especially since there may be economic complications in May, you have to worry about the costs in those months. The inclination is ok though it should not be overlooked, it's an ideal year to call those people you want and have not seen for a long time.

2019 Predictions for the dog

The dog leaves her own year 2018 is not very well stopped and is getting ready for dizzying 2019. They will be loved, but you need to be careful not to idealize too much, love can not be repeated. Enjoy the company that other people can give you, but be careful not to be too involved in superficial love that will hurt you. Be modest and listen. This is something that is always good, but this year this is especially important for the dog, it should keep the profile low.

You will have family and friends support that you can support if you feel lonely. 2019 be the year of many walking not sip and walk step by step well supported on its four legs.

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