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The Ministry of Health confirmed a new case of measles and believes that it infected a Russian tourist – 04/15/2015

The new measles case was confirmed in the country. The affected person is 36-year-old man from Rosario who would have contact with a Russian tourist who visited Argentina. Obviously, they shared a flight on March 16, which united Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, and Buenos Aires. In total, There are already four infected so far this year, according to the National Health Secretariat.

Rosario "started fever on April 1, adding a rash (eruption) the next day". "In the period of portability Moved from the city of Buenos Aires, he traveled to Venezuela on a charter flight and participated in social events in Rosario"Details of the health report portfolio, which provides it "The patient is a good evolution".

In addition, he adds that "the samples were processed from the CEMAR laboratory of Rosario and confirmed in the Malbran laboratory".

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In dialogue with ClarinPatricia Angeryari, national director of epidemiology, explained that it is examined whether this last case is secondary. That is, if the Argentinean contacted the Russian tourist. "There are high probabilities, although Rosario has also traveled, and yet it has not been confirmed, the results of some exams have disappeared," Angelehi said, adding that the others were imported cases: in addition to the Russian, there were two Argentines who infected the virus abroad. "One traveled to Southeast Asia for work, and the other was in contact with a person with measles in a cruise in San Pablo," added the referral to the Secretariat.

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Last year there were 14 cases. It is usually imported, according to Angeli. "We managed to close the epidemics in 2018. It also includes control to avoid new cases." Now we do the same. "The one who probably infected Rosario was in several places We are in communication with several provinces to see if there are new cases"He pointed out. And he asked the general population Go to a doctor for symptoms such as an allergy or a fever rash.

To be protected from measles, children should be given a one-year lifetime triple viral vaccine and be completed by boosting income in schools. Adults who are not sure if both doses are applied should visit a clinical doctor to check if they have the necessary antibodies or decide on a vaccine "in dirty" or without serology.

Argentina, like much of Latin America, is without autochthonous measles. The same is not happening in the north of Brazil, Venezuela, the United States, and Southeast Asia.

"The risk of infection in non-vaccinated people who come in contact with the virus is between 90% and 95%. It is arranged with air when speaking or nodding, "he said. Clarin pediatric infectiousologist Eduardo Lopez, who is the head of the Department of Medicine at the Children's Hospital.

Lopez stressed that, before the four are confirmed, it is important to deal with the drops that may arise. "Surely, they will make a blockade environmental vaccine for people who have the virus. You need to know that people who have the infection begin to get infected 24 hours before presenting their symptoms"Says a specialist for infectious diseases, who adds that the contagion of the imported case is unfortunate because "This means that the Argentine population is not fully protected".

In this sense, he explains that "average adults" may not have a second dose: "It is that the reinforcement was carried out in 1999/2000, for this reason, it is likely that they were not given." It is advisable to consult a doctor and use the dose. Especially if you are planning to travel to one of the risk areas. In public hospitals, its application is free.

Where was the Russian tourist who infected Rosario

On April 4, the national health authority issued an epidemiological warning "high risk of spread of measles" when he confirmed the disease case of a Russian tourist who was in Capital, Puerto Iguacu and Montevideo, in Uruguay, in March.

The Ministry of Health has released the flights made by the man to alert the rest of the passengers.

Russian tourist traveled company And on flight 570 on March 14: made the trip Buenos Aires-Puerto Iguacu. About the same company returned to 571 on March 16. At this last time I would have infected Rosario.

The patient also started a service from Buquebús which sailed from Buenos Aires to Montevideo on March 17 at 6.38 and returned for the same day that day at 21.34.

How is the evolution of the disease

In general, it usually appears fever in two days. The third, a box of conjunctivitis, nasal catarrh and cough. Then the person starts to sprout. On eruption in the face erupts, extends through the trunk and ends on the extremities. Stop infecting 24 hours after the rash to complete.


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