Thursday , January 21 2021

The Maya was still not rebuilt by the river and could be free

Uruguay's contract expires on June 30th and still does not have an agreement due to his resumption, despite intentions to continue in the club of the player himself.

An agreement linking Camilo Mayada to the river has a shelf life that makes the hairs of a rush more than one: June 30th. The Uruguayan has not yet agreed to renovate it and may be free For more than two months, there are rumors of possible offers from abroad.

Bumkampon from the US and other six titles in Nuneez's room, the Uruguayan at 28 is a footballer who loves fans based on sacrifice and good productions when he has to act, except that he is not an undisputed bearer.

Although there is a chance to negotiate with other clubs since January 1st, as stated in FIFA regulations, Mayada decided to give Millionaire a priority and negotiations continue, although they would still be far from reaching a good port.

The situation is alarming for the coach Marcelo Gallardo, who at that time suffered the exodus of Marcelo Barovero, Carlos Sanchez, Ariel Rojas and Leonel Wanggioni in the same way. Will this time have a happy ending?

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