Sunday , May 16 2021

The man postponed retirement to save his sins after he accidentally discovered how to grow coral 40 times

A man's lucky crash brought a new hope for the recovery of coral reefs around the world.

Dr. David Vaughn stumbled upon discoveries as he worked with corals at the Marine Marine Laboratory in Florida. He tried to take out the coral from the bottom of the tank when he broke into a dozen pieces.

In his shock, all the pieces returned to the same size in just three short weeks, versus the three years they had taken to grow up the original coral.

Usually, coral reefs of 25 to 75 years are required to achieve sexual maturity. This means that it can take up to 6 years to plant 600 corals, but the process of rupture of reproduction coral, called "micro fragmentation", helps them grow 40 times faster than they do in the wild.

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Furthermore, their tests showed that it works with all kinds of corals that are found in the Florida ridge.

In fact, the method is so effective, the researchers reportedly produce coral faster than they can get tanks to hold.

The Von team now plans to plant 100,000 corals on the Florida Rid track by 2019. Researchers also plan to share their method with conservationists around the world in order to collectively plant one million coral in the next few years.

(WATCH an exciting interview for the BBC below)

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