Sunday , October 17 2021

The leader of "Tambo Tambo" suffered an accident on the road 2 "Daily Capital of Mar del Plata

The leader of the tropics group Tambo Tambo, Diego Muiza, He had an accident on route 2 and had to be hospitalized urgently.

As the journalist Louis Ventura announced in True secrets, Mujica was in a car with two people on Highway 2 towards Mar del Plata, when, for reasons still under investigation, the vehicle collided and ended with overturning a height of a kilometer 67.

The transit staff and ambulance went to the scene to help the victims of the accident, who, due to the seriousness of their injuries, both Mujica and two others rushed to the hospital Melchior Romero.

"I was with two other people, the driver of the vehicle, Marcelo Fabian Cash, obviously emerged in a fairly good condition, while the other man who was in the truck, Volter Lencin, suffered serious injuries." Obviously, Diego Muiza has wounds on his arm and legs. , police, police station 15 intervened and the case was marked as "accidental accident", added Kora Debarberi in the program Tajnos Verdereroos.

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