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The last closing year: the dollar rose by 105% in 2018 – December 28, 2013

The quotation of the retail dollar fell this Friday at 1.40 percent at the end of the day 38.85 pesos based on the daily average released by the Central Bank.

This way, throughout the year the weight it was devalued by 51% in relation to the US currency, because on the last working day of December 2017 the dollar amounted to $ 18,921. Another way to say that is to say that the dollar accumulated an increase of 105% in the year.

In the wholesale segment, the dollar fell 60 cents compared to Thursday and amounted to $ 37.70.

Considering the closing of the last working day of this year, the dollar accumulated in December down 2 cents since November last year; while throughout the year it accumulated an increase of $ 18,951 compared to the end of December 2017.

The 2018 jump is in contrast to the relative calm the dollar had in 2017, when it increased by 17.29% during the year.

The highest price of the US currency was recorded at September 18, when it closed at $ 40,502, the day on which some banks agreed on $ 44.

With these figures, the dollar was one of the best investments of the year in Argentina. Its value, in relation to the sand, increased by 105%.

According to the rankings made by the Bloomberg agency on the basis of quoting currencies in emerging markets, the peso lost more value than the Turkish lira, and the other currency was hit hardest this year from the crisis in emerging markets. Thus, it became the currency that depreciated most in emerging markets this year.

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