Saturday , May 8 2021

"The interruption, at that moment, would be the easiest way out …": the strong confession of Amalia Grenade

Amalia Grenade It is one of the main references to celestial wipes, a symbol that appeared to contradict the Law on Voluntary termination of pregnancy. After a scandalous episode with Carl Peterson (they did not want to be photographed together because of different abortion positions) Rosary He returned to mark his position with several very strong and special phrases.

Amaliawho is trying to get a bench as a deputy to the Congress, explained in an interview with Gente magazine: "I feel that I have remained alone in the fight on the side of the blue handkerchief, but they will not change my position.The green side of the media monopolized the issue, but it's much more invisible people who are anti-abortion. "

"It was very difficult to manifesto when the other position became fashion. For me, that I am super liberal, they treated me as a right and a facade." They throw me with everything. They tell me they "want to be free and open their legs with whom they want "just for me, that I have lived sexually with complete freedom," he added. media, who justly became famous for his romance with Robbie Williams.

Finally, he left a rather spicy phrase. "It's perfect for me and applauding them, because I've opened my legs many times in my life, but they have to do it responsibly, as I did because pregnancy is the least that can happen to them. If you do not worry about yourself, it is debauchery and anyone who ends up paying for it is innocent: the son will have an abortion, "he said. blonde

Regarding the cases in which women became pregnant after rape, she said: "Circumstances is a fear and for me there is no terrible fact that a woman can live by rape, but that life is not an inside mistake of what happened. In fact, I am accompanying many institutions like Grávida that if you do not want to have it or you can not lift it, they help you during pregnancy and you barely give the child the adoption and that person can continue to live.Killing is not an option " .

Of course, Granata closed: "I became pregnant in a terrible situation with my father (Cristiano Cristiano" El Oggo "Fabiani) and I came from Romania, eight weeks pregnant. I did not have a home, a job or something, I spent all my pregnancy in Rosario until I was alone with my mother. The interruption at that time would be the easiest way out, but I never bothered to attack the life of my daughter. "

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