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The impressive number of epic games, the creators of the successful Fortnite

Definitely, you have to commit to video games, because one who manages to develop one and do it massively will reach the stellar benefits that have never been seen before in an industry that, by technology, does not appear to have a ceiling . And if things do not go well enough to Epic Games -projectors of one of the most widely used graphic motors in the video industry, Unreal Engine- Fortnite it led to $ 3 billion in profits.

Even though the numbers worked with the company for several years were huge, this new report – conducted by Tech Ground – will break all of the files so far in Epic Games. However, all these numbers can not be too surprising, especially given the $ 1,25 billion financing cycle that the entity received in October and which allowed it to increase the entire company's value to 15,000 million, detail the specialized portal Xataka .com.

In 2012, Tencent – a multimillion-dollar Chinese company owned by Riot Games, among others – bought 40 percent of the company for 330 million euros. Today, the same percentage, taking into account that the company's value is about 15,000 million, will be about 6,000 million dollars, an increase that turned it into more than profitable business.

Today it would be hard to argue that Fortune is probably the biggest phenomenon in the history of video games, and if it continues on this level for another two or three years, no one can deny that. However, as we said earlier and point out the North American portal, Epic Games has already entered millionaire figures in 2006 when Gears of War came out for the Xbox 360. All this power is also used to build a competitive scene with many great prizes.

The company's position as a developer of one of the most used and relevant engines in the industry, its collaboration with many studies on the application of Unreal Engine 4, as well as the development of video games led to a series of skills that allowed Fortnight to get the most out of it. The advertising campaign created around the game and the opportunity to offer it completely free thanks to the financial muscle, indicate two inaudible keys: experience and good work over more than two decades.

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