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The head of the Federal Police, following the extradition of El Sebola: "In less than 48 hours we all arrested them"

Following the extradition from Uruguay, Juan José Navarro Cadiz, the alleged dual criminals from the National Congress, where deputy Envoy Oliveres and his advisor Miguel Yadon were killed, the head of the Argentine Federal Police, Nestor Ronalda, stressed the speed at which the proceedings were carried out and avoiding risking new hypotheses for the cell of the fact.

"There was a crisis management team that acted cautiously: in less than 48 hours all were arrested"Ronalgia said after the arrival of Navarro Cadiz from Montevideo.

"I want to emphasize the urgency of the Uruguay authorities, Interpol from Uruguay and the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which greatly facilitated this process, which sometimes lasts up to three months, but in less than a few days we had it here, said Roncali.

The head of the forces also noted that investigating judge Mariano Isturale and prosecutor Estela Andrades "are committed" to the case that examines "a very serious fact".

To close it, he made it clear that the speed of arrest of all suspects is crucial, and that now there is time to determine the motive for the killings. "The rush was to stop material authors. The mobile fact is a work that needs to be done quietly, without rush, it is a good thing that the judge and the prosecutor should do. "

Justice is investigating whether Navarro Cadiz was the one who performed the shots that came out of the window of the car. In the last hours, in the case was added another hypothesis: They believe his father was on the back seat of the vehicle.

El Sebola was arrested in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, on Friday, May 10. Your testimony and the expertise of your mobile phone will be crucial to try to determine what happened in the early hours of Thursday, May 9. So far, justice has determined that the car was Navarro Cadiz and Juan Jesus Fernandez, Alias ​​El Gitano, arrested the following day in Concepcion del Uruguay with another suspect, Miguel Navarro Fernandez, born in Spain.

Investigators still could not determine what the motive behind the murder was. At first he was associated with Jadon with Estefania Fernandez, the daughter of the Gypsy, but then this hypothesis was rejected. There was also talk of adjusting the money accounts, but none of this was confirmed. The latest theory has to do with what the defendants fired because of the simple fact of this, because they were influenced by alcohol and drugs.

In dialogue with TN, Uruguayan prosecutor Juan Gomez revealed that in an informal conversation with Navarro Cadiz, the young man denied firing. "He told me that he was at the scene of the incident in the car and said that he used alcohol and drugs and that he did not shoot, but obviously it is absolute relativity if it is easily reversible with elements of evidence that is noted at the scene," he .

About the murder of Olivares and Yadon they were also arrested Rafael Kano Carmona, son-in-law of Fernandez; Luis Kano, a member of the Rafael Kano Carmona family and owner of the car used in the attack; and the mother of Navarro, then released.

Justice examines whether the young man's father who arrived in Argentina was in the car during the attack. In fact, this person will be Juan Jesús Navarro Fernandez, 55, who was with Gitano during his arrest at Entreos. The man said he was not in the vehicle, but the investigators have suspicion elements.

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