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the great presentation of Alexander Barbosa in the Independent

Red Guards fulfilled the order to train Sebastian Beckace and introduced the new player in the style of the popular series from the club's networks.

Independent must improve his football production next season, so it is necessary to strengthen his team and Sebastián Beccacece, Red's coach, slipped into the club's leadership of the players he thinks are necessary to make the jump in quality.

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The first one who reached the King of Cups is a defender Alexander Barbosa. Since last season in defense and justice, Red has bought the passport River in about $ 3 million 82.5% of passing and the central left hand will carry the red shirt short.

To announce this employment, the Independent's communication area made a genius video inspired by the series of Netflix: "Foreign Affairs". The idea generated positive repercussions and the networks were filled with messages that congratulated the creators of this content.

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