Samsung will not entertain today. After the event in the United States, some journalists had the opportunity to take over the control unit of the Galaxy to test it. To his surprise, the units began to fail in a series.

In On the edge they report it the screen of Galaxy Fold broke after two days. The verdict began with a small bulge formed in the crease on the screen. After two days, the package caused to break the complete marking of the line.

According to Dieter Bonn, the use it has given is normal and there are some theories about how it is damaged. Quoting some rubbish or particles that can be eradicated through a hinge, so it caused the problem.

This would seem like an isolated case, however, Other journalists have taken Twitter to show how the Galaxy disappears after several hours. Mark Gurman, by Bloomberg, released two images of the unusable screen, saying it was completely broken and unusable after two days.

Steve Kovac from CNBC He also published a photo and a video of the verdict.

Gourmet mentions that he removed the protective film from the screen, something that should not be done according to Samsung, though there is no clear warning and it is possible to separate from one of the corners.

Editor of Bloomberg said that this may contribute to failure, however, the test unit of On the edge It appears to have this protective film.

Until now Samsung does not talk about it, though already replace it units with failure of some assets. The currency is in the air and there are many questions.

It could be around defective shipment, or maybe the hardware is not ready for production. This will be known when more people will have the opportunity to thoroughly test the Galaxy Fold.