Friday , July 30 2021

The first concept of PocoPhone F2 puts it in aluminum and reduces the slopes


LittlePhone F1 It's OnePlus One of our time. The only terminal with Snapdragon 845, 6 GB RAM, liquid cooling and a quality camera for just over 300 euros. Without knowing the exact numbers, We know that POCO F1 is quite successful, and that the company will follow a strategy – in principle – annually, with a premium range as the only and main device.

Then they begin with the arrival of the new year, rumors and concepts of how the design of the PocoPhone F2 will be. The first version criticized its polycarbonate finish, resistant to material and which allowed it to cut costs, but something unworthy of a 300-euro terminal – bearing in mind that some Xiaomi Redmi of 100 euros were made of aluminum. The first concept of POCO F2 traces its lines through aluminum and reduces the slopes to what is expected from the mid-high range in 2019.

Drawing of possible PocoPhone F2

Ben Geskin, one of the most famous conceptual network designers, has shown his design proposal for the PocoPhone F2. Terminal who imagines wearing in aluminum and a notch in the form of a "drop". The reduction of the slopes would be notorious, and the camera will be placed in a sideways position, and more traditional.

One of the weak points of the PocoPhone F1 is its main building material. The second version will do well to restore the quality of the construction and to bet on materials such as aluminum.

It's just a concept, and little or nothing is still known about the PocoPhone F2. The terminal will have the latest Qualcomm processor, 6 or 8 GB RAM, a battery with at least 4000mAh with fast charging and an enhanced photographic part, with the desire to continue to bet on raw materials, hardware, a strategy that worked with OnePlus and that POCO seems to want to imitate. Only time will show whether this design ends with materializing,

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