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The first astronauts who orbit the question of the Moon on Mars

Ecstadronaut Bill Anders, a pilot of the Apollo 8 Lunar Module NASA, the first mission that orbited ours satellite, he thinks he is "stupid"and" almost ridiculous "in the planning of human missions Mars

Speaking to radio BBC Anders (85), he said he was a "big supporter" of the "notable" unmanned programs, "mainly because they are much cheaper." But he says public support is simply not sufficient to finance much more expensive human missions. "Who is imperative? What makes us go to Mars?"He said, adding:" I do not think the public is so interested. "

In December 1968, Anders, along with his crew members Frank Bormann and Jim Lowell, flying from Cape Canaveral to Florida on the top of Saturn V before filling ten orbits around the moon. The crew of Apollo 8 it happened 20 hours in orbit, before returning to Earth on December 27th.

Anders is critical of the evolution of NASA from the time of lunar conquest. "On NASA I could not reach the moon today. They are so fortified … NASA has become an employment program … many of the centers are interested, mainly occupy a job. "

Anders also criticizes the decision to focus on exploring near-Earth orbit after Finishing from the Apollo program in the decade 1970. "I think the space shuttle is a big mistake, he barely did something other than an exciting launch, but he never continued his promise," he said.

"The space station is just there because you had a ferry, and vice versa. NASA he really mismanaged the crew program from the last lunar landing, "he said.

Frank Bormann

Your former teammate Frank Bormann, who commanded the mission Apollo 8 and also spent two weeks in Earth's orbit during the Gemini program, is a little more optimistic. "I'm not so critical about NASA like Bill, "he said." I firmly believe that we need a robust study of our Solar System and I believe that man is part of it. "

But he asked about the plans of space founder X, Elon Musk, and Amazon chief Geoff Bezos to launch private missions on Mars, and Bormann is less praised. "I think there are many exaggerations for Mars, which are nonsense. Musk and drizzle, they're talking about placing colonies on Mars, it's nonsense. "

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