Tuesday , August 3 2021

The fight against kick-boxing that a young man threw out demanded a pardon: "He did not intend to kill himself"

Two weeks after a violent traffic discussion in Camino Sentanario and 501, two abductors charged with attempted assassination of Gonzalo Colombo they denied being refugees, were repentant, but clarified that he did not intend "to kill anyone".

Prior to the declaration before the prosecutor, the defendants broke the silence and in an interview on the website 0221 They gave their version of the facts. Ezekiel "El Ray" Reymundo stressed that he was not a professional fighter, but rather He admitted that he beat him kick and kick for Colombo. For his part, Leonardo "La Sombruma" de Oliveira, denied that he participated in the beating.

The event took place on December 23 last year in the city of Gonnet. The Witnesses coincided when they saw Fiat 147 and Gaul, who were doing dangerous maneuvers on the road, they concluded a third, whose driver went to talk and get a beating that left him unconscious on the street.

"At no time did I want to kill anyone, I admit that I hit him, I regret for that moment, reacted, I apologize to the boy and his family"Reymundo said. In any case, he said the confrontation was a consequence of the previous aggression suffered by the wounded.

The other aggressor, Oliveira, is a professional fighter, but they revoked the license after the incident. Although he was sorry for having left the car, he said that when the young man did it he was already on the floor and that he did not hit him at any moment.

"I hope you can clean my picture and fight again. I want to to calm down with my family and apologized for the Gonzalo family, "he concluded. Defense lawyers have already called for the release of the prison and claimed that the alleged aggression against Colombo by Reymundo was recorded in a monitoring chamber.

The moment of the fight

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