Sunday , April 11 2021

The father of Emiliano Sala died

The news was confirmed by Julio Miller, the mayor of Progresso: "2019 does not surprise us with this news in this city. At 5 o'clock in the morning, the lady called me, a partner of Horace, who was very ill and there are doctors, but when I arrived at his home he already died".

Horacio, who was currently living in Progreso with his current partner, died at the age of 58 as a result of a heart attack, as confirmed by the mayor in a dialogue with Novaresio 910, a program that is broadcast by Radio on the network.

The last appearance of the father of the former Nantes football player was in February, when he learned that the plane was found on the English Channel. "I can not believe it … This is a dream … One bad dream … I'm desperate," he told Chronicle TV.

Hall became the most expensive signing in Cardiff's history last January, but died at the end of that month in a plane crash on the English Channel. After the disaster, the clubs were involved in a dispute settlement dispute. Nantes claims that the money and the Welsh entity claim that incorporation has not yet been effective.

On March 30, it was learned that David Ibbotsson, a pilot of a plane traveling by the Argentine football player and crashed on Canal on January 21 this year, did not have the authority to fly at night, according to the BBC

According to the announcement of the British chain, the pilot, who died as a former Nantes and Cardiff player as a result of the accident, was blind in color, preventing him from maneuvering in optimum conditions at night.

After being hired and officially announced as a new reinforcements to Cardiff City, Emiliano Salla returned to France on January 19 to bid farewell to his former colleagues and collect his belongings.

Willie McCay, the businessman who acted as an intermediary in the negotiations, was commissioned to arrange the departures and return flights of the shooter.

The Welsh entity refuses to transfer the agreed 17m euros. For his part, Ken Cho, CEO of Cardiff, has condemned threats to Willy McKay.

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