Sunday , May 16 2021

The experiment with both genetically falsified twins was suspended

(ANSA) – The Chinese physician, who announced the birth of two twin gene variants with a changed gene, said he did not feel sorry for what he did and is proud of, despite the criticism they have raised. He Jiankui made these statements during the International Human Genome Summit held in Hong Kong and from where, however, came the news that the experiment has now been suspended precisely because of the controversy that has arisen.

Scientists talked with a crowd of more than 700 international researchers who underwent "bombarding" the issues. Who consulted if there were other ongoing pregnancies that were part of the study, He replied that there was another "potential" even in the early stages, but in a series of subsequent responses it is unclear whether there was a spontaneous abortion or pregnancy in progress

I recognized that in the experiment there were eight couples who aimed to "silence" the gene that produces a protein that allows the entry of the HIV virus into cells. Scientists say it is "proud" of the results achieved, ignoring the main objections of the test experts, which means that the Crispr technology used to release the genome often produces unwanted modifications in other DNA areas.

"The volunteers have confirmed that they have stopped the tests for the" current situation "- they were informed of the risks of possible modifications that DNA does not require, although they decided to implant and embryos." During his speech he Jiankui explained the different stages of the test, ranging from animal tests several years ago. All data will be sent to the scientific journal for publication, although no one has been specified.

The experiment, recognized by the researcher, was conducted outside the Southern University of Science and Technology, where he worked until February, with the personal resources of He himself. The release, published last week with a YouTube video and uploaded from the Mith Technology Review Magazine, sparked protests across the globe from China itself, where more than 120 scientists signed a letter saying the experiment was defined as "mad" and the National Health Commission opened an official investigation. Also in Italy there was no shortage of critical voices, starting with Health Minister Julia Grylljo.

"Now science has reached a very high level in the field of genetics," he said in an interview with SkyTg24: "We must ascertain this issue as an international community and understand exactly how humanity in which direction we want to go, because it is clear that scientific research without brakes, he can do everything and even make human beings in a test tube. "

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