Thursday , January 28 2021

The end of the game The last part of us Part II was already recorded

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Development of The last of us Part II seems to be moving towards its final stage. After years of production and countless working sessions with actors, the end of the game is already recorded. This was announced by the game's director, Neil Druckman.

Although the last scene of the game is recorded, that does not mean that they have finished with the whole recording. It is possible to have more secondary scenes to record or later to add additional scenes, but they are practically at the end of the development. Actually, the actress Laura Bailey completed its participation in the game only on April 12.

Much in his style and without being able to reveal some details, Druckman shared the photo from the last lines of the script on their social networks. The only thing that can be read is the words "RESULT OF BLUES" and "END". He also hinted that it was a strong and sentimental scene for him.

Knowing how the first game ended and the dark narrative style of it, we are sure it will be a very emotional moment for everyone.

We hope that the publication date will be announced soon.

Source: Neil Druckman


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