Thursday , April 22 2021

The Dying Light 2 Zombie Nightmare will be in E3 2019

Although it is currently not easy to break through a zombie proposal, Dying light he knew how to win over the faithful legion of followers thanks to his proposal full of action, tension and his open world full of dangers. Hence, the revelation of the second installment will blast our heads a year ago and now, in turn, attention will be directed to E3 2019, as Techland will present more information on Dying Light 2.

By publishing his official Twitter account, Techland confirmed its presence on E3 2019, where it will carry its leading title and which is defined in the studio as its most ambitious work, Dying Light 2. Expectations in this regard can not only be known to the state that retains the development of the zombie title at this time, but it is also expected that the study will reveal the date of release of the new delivery, which assumes a map that is 4 times greater than that of Dying light and a dynamic narrative system that will respond to the player's activities. In that sense, it is important to mention this Dying Light 2 there will be different factions, which can be allies or enemies according to player decisions, which will add another threat to the undead.

Dying Light 2 is developing and will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC. In this connection you will find more information about the expected continuation.

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